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Leading Life Society Free Education For Poor

Leading Life Society (Reg:810/2017)

Every one know  me as a Teacher/Lecture/ Trainer. Nobody knows from  where i am from and why i have started LLS. 

I am priya kamera,  from remote area (village) Choutaplly, Lingadarigudem. when i was going to school at yuva sangatana CBSE  Bellampalli, i use to walk upto  4 km from my village (from  Forest) to bus stop, my school bus use to come at the stop. Not only for private schools even if want to go  for Government schools too.
LLS Students goingto school by van from village 

 In front of my village there was a village where we have govt school upto 7th class (still upto 7th frm 40 years) . If we want to go 8th class we have to walk near by 7km for govt school or private School.  my father has been shifted to another place for our Education. Few too shifted but remaining they stopped their education. And they got marriage.

Still now the same position.  some of my friends lost their husband, now what is their position and how about their  kids.  They are going for daily wages work.  How many days they can? If they get good education their  life won't be like this. 
LLS Students going to school in full uniform 

Still our villages girl's and Boy's have to walk long long for their education, from forest area, If they are in tenth class, they have stay for study hours . No street light from bus stop to village.  If anything is happened her? wht about next? Her chapter will be closed.  That's why parents are not allowing for school. 

Not only our single village, 6 Villages are facing same problem.
List of the students  (have to update some more name's)

Now a days many private Schools are opened they are sending vans in side the villages  but our poor village people are unable to pay the High fee for the schools .

To give better and quality education for our village people and other remote areas we came forward to do something for them. Leading Life Society giving free education for poor students.  

we have started Leading Life Society to Educate the poor students.  To give them better life. To make them Success in their life. LLS give free education for poor people.

we took one step forward to change our villages and also many more villages those who are facing same problems.
Free tie and belt from school to our LLS Students 

Leading Life Society have joined 32 students in Ideal foundation School Bellampally Mancherial dist from 5 Villages along with transport. 

Every year we will increase our strength and we will  give free education and will change our Students life by giving good Quality, Free Education to them. This Education will continue still they finish 10th class. And also further studies 

LLS is also arranged Tuition for those Students to finish their School Works. 

Not only in Villages we also Joined poor students in Hyderabad also to give them better life and good quality Education.

J. Yuvasagar was an Founder and President of the LLS. 

Leading Life Society don't want to create any History.  We want to make our villages and many more villages poor students to create a History. 
3k run at Bellampalli 

Leading Life Society conducted 3k Run event at tilak stadiumto market road Bellampalli Mancherial dist. On the success of joining students in Ideal Foundation School Bellampally, with a Social cause Go Green and Save a Girl Child. And also Books distribution for poor students through Leading Life Society Hyderabad. 

Leading Life Society is always with the Students who want to success in their life 

Join your Hands with Leading Life Society DONATE ONLINE

Priya Kamera
Founder/General Secretary


Please Send your Donation 

A/C Name:  Leading Life Society 
Number: 1825101023682
Canara Bank
MICR CODE: 500015033
Phone: 8309086815

Electricity Saving Tips For Your Home and Appliances

Bills, bills, bills. Paying the bills is probably the least enjoyable activity, second to a root canal. We all dread the monthly reminder that are our hard earned money is going away just as fast as it came to us, and it is an expense we can never really get out of. But I have done the research, and there are definitely ways to send less on the ever irritating energy bill. Most of the tips are easy, and can be done as second nature once learned. And as a bonus, most tips will help the environment!  The 3 energy saving tips on the next page will help with your monthly gas and electricity bills.

Air Conditioning and Heat

Depending on where you live, you will most likely use your air conditioner or heater to create a comfortable living environment.  These tips will help you on your gas and electricity costs.
  1. Keep the vents open as well as clean
    • Did you know that there is an entire airflow system in your home that you might not know about? Bring a handyman to make sure all your vents are open and clean. If not, you could be blowing extra money trying to get colder or hotter when all you needed was a clean and open vent!
  2. Make sure your house is getting enough airflow
    • This basically means – make sure nothing is blocking your air conditioner or heater. Putting a big couch, bookcase, or shelf in the way of airflow can cause you to crank up the usage for no reason. Make sure you can use your heat and air efficiently without any blockage.

Laundry Machines

Doing laundry itself is an annoying task. Add the cost of doing it, and you just made created my least favorite past time. Turns out, you can make it a little more enjoyable by saving money on it on your next gas and electricity bill.
  1. Reduce the heat level
    • LG electronics released a statement recently that heat accounts for 90% of the energy usage in laundry machines. Wash your clothes on the cold setting to seriously reduce cost. If you are really feeling stingy, forgo the dryer all together. Most of the heat is used there – try an old school clothesliner.
  2. Don’t Over pack the Dryer
    • Over packing the dryer is very inefficient. Clothes come out half dry sometimes, and you will have the run the dryer again. A good rule of thumb is to fill up the dryer 75%, leaving the top portion for the clothes to properly dry and expand in.
  3. Do Your Laundry at Night
    • In efforts to reduce energy consumption during peak hours, many electric companies will offer discounts for running appliances at night. A high burner like laundry can save you a lot if your electric company gives out discounts!


The principles for saving money on laundry are really similar to saving money on laundry. Basically, turn down the heat and don’t overload.  Your gas and electricity company will thank you by billing your for less energy used.
  1. Turn Down the Heat
    • Most of the money spent on the dishwasher is spent on heat. Many dishwashers use a heated dry method that can be turned off. The reason the heated dry method is used is to prevent water spots and stains, but you can buy a rinsing agent. A rinsing agent will be cheaper in the long run.
  2. Load the Dishwasher Correctly
    • Stacking dishes the correct way can save you money on your energy bill. Make sure all dishes are on the bottom, all utensils are in their department with the sharp ends up, all bowls and cups on the top facing downward. This way you can promote proper water flow. Also make sure your detergent is strong to avoid rewashing, and of course rinse off dishes before loading the washer.

Call back and Voicemail features to WhatsApp for Android Beta

Whatsapp for Android has added couple of new features to its armour, namely Call back and Voicemail features in its beta version.

Now beta users can Call back and use Voicemail service with the latest update - WhatsApp v2.16.189. One has to signup for the Google Play beta testing program to get these features for WhatsApp. The Call back and Voicemail features are the add-on to the voice calling feature only.

How it works

If you make a call to any of your WhatsApp contact and if that person does not pick the call or declines the call, then the app will show a "Call declined" along with three options- Cancel, Call back, and Voicemail.
If you press 'Cancel', it will close your current screen and if you press the Call back option, it will dial the last dialed number, who didn't picked or declined the call. The last options is Vioicemail, that will let you record audio messages which can be sent to the last dialed number via Chat interface.

Last week, one more feature was spotted on WhatsApp v2.16.179 update, which is a Fixedsys font. According to the Android Police website, this feature can used to differentiate a quote or a piece of code (we all talk to developers all the time on WhatsApp, don't we? Oh... it's just me) for example. To trigger it, you have to start and end your sentence(s) with ``` and no spaces between it and the first or last characters, like so: ```this is fantastic```".

HRD considering aptitude test to help students in their career choice

In a move to help students choose realistic career goals and tackle parental pressure, the Centre is planning an aptitude test for class 11 and 12.
The HRD ministry, sources said, is ready to set up a National Testing Service (NTS), a body that will conduct a test similar to Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) which would include questions on numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning.
Initially, the test will be conducted for class 11 and 12 students and later introduced for those in class 9 and 10, sources said. The move comes three months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Teachers’ Day address to students in September said aptitude certificate would replace the character certificates in schools soon.
On the lines of US-based Educational Testing Service (ETS), the largest educational testing and assessment organisation that conducts various tests like GRE and TOEFL in US and abroad, the government will set up the NTS that will develop and conduct the aptitude test for students from 2017-18 academic session.
Sources in the ministry said a meeting comprising all stakeholders including various higher education institutions (IITs and NITs), regulatory bodies (CBSE and AICTE) and educationists is planned in January to chart out the way to set up NTS.

The move is based on the recommendations of the Ashok Mishra committee report that said SAT type test would help students determine whether they are suitable for engineering/medical examinations or not.
“It is believed that the SAT examination is a very good measure of the aptitude of students that get into leading universities and institutes in USA. SAT is very well tried and tested system and has shown excellent correlation with the ability of students to succeed in college,” the committee in its recommendations had said.
The committee was set up in October this year with a mandate to recommend ways to overhaul the IIT JEE examination system so as to reduce the pressure on students and also reduce their dependence on coaching centres.
It was a good idea to conduct the test as not every child is meant to crack IIT JEE or medical entrance tests. In the current scenario parents force their child to take such examinations irrespective of his/her aptitude for it. The aptitude test will help the students as well their parents make an informed decision.
The test, the professor said, will also help parent save money on the coaching centres. “Parents spend their hard earned money on sending their children to coaching factories in Kota even if he/she is not meant for the engineering stream.”
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